Chubby Cloud FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to wear?

To protect the cloud, each guest will be given overalls to fit over their clothes. We recommend wearing trousers and bringing socks to the event, although this isn’t essential. There will be a secure coat check for your bag and shoes.

Do I need a ticket to visit the café or shop?

Yes, all visitors need to book a ticket to enter the venue. Each ticket includes 30 minutes on the cloud for your event, plus access to the Chubby Café and Chubby Shop.

Can I buy a ticket on the door?

The events are expected to sell out quickly, so we recommend booking a ticket in advance. For any events that are not sold out, some tickets may be available to purchase at the venue, but this cannot be guaranteed.

What if I can’t attend?

All tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable, unless the event has been cancelled.

What if I lose my ticket?

If you can’t find your confirmation email, email and we will be able to resend your ticket.

Can I take photos in the venue?

Large cameras won’t be able to be taken onto the cloud, but we’d like you to be able to capture your visit so mobile phones will be allowed in the venue, as long as they are on silent during the event.

Is Banqueting House accessible?

The Main Hall at Banqueting House is accessible to wheelchair users via a lift in the adjoining property. The lift will be available during event opening hours and can accommodate one standard size wheelchair at a time. The dimensions of the lift are:

  • Door width: 27 inches

  • Depth of lift: 30 x 30 inches

  • Weight limit: 704 pounds

    An accessible toilet is available. Please be aware the toilet is accessed down a short ramp with no handrail. Due to limited lift access and fire safety regulations, we can only accommodate two wheelchair users in the Banqueting Hall at any time. We advise that visitors with mobility needs contact Banqueting Hall before booking. Telephone: 020 3166 6155.

    What if I can’t get onto the cloud?

    As this is the world’s largest beanbag, you will need to climb onto it. There will some smaller, more accessible beanbags available for visitors who can’t access the cloud so they can still experience the event.

    Can children attend?

    We have a Children’s Story event on Sunday 16th September at 4.30pm for children over the age of 5. All other events are only suitable for those over the age of 12 or 15. The age restriction is on the event page.

    Can I park at the event?

    Unfortunately there is no parking available at Banqueting House.

    Is the Chubby Cloud sustainably produced?

    Sustainability is important to us.

    The Chubby Cloud was manufactured in Nottingham, UK by Precision Stitching Ltd, who own a number of companies including (who make recreational beanbags) and PSL Medical (who make patient positioning bean bags for hospitals)

    The Chubby Cloud fabric will be recycled to be reused post London Fashion week. Any fabric that is not able to be recycled in this way will be donated to local farmers in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire to be used as a tarpaulin to protect their hay bales.

    The bean filling is on loan from Precision Stitching. It is being transported from the factory in Nottinghamshire and will then be returned to Precision Stitching to be reused in other projects.<