I Am A Plastic Bag

“Despite the impact of our 2007 I’m Not A Plastic Bag project, the problem of single use plastic is far from solved. The mission has changed however, from ‘awareness’ of the problem to ‘circularity’ of materials, something we’ve spent the last two years working on with the I Am A Plastic Bag project.”

Anya Hindmarch

Each piece of leather is skived down to create a uniform thickness and to ensure the final patchwork is perfectly flat. It is then laser cut and every edge is hand polished. It is then placed onto a panel using water-based glue to create each design.

Due to the intricate nature of the designs it is not possible to sew the patchwork through a programmed machine. Instead a skilled operator has to manually control each stitch from beginning to end.

Made-to-order I Am A Plastic Bag Tote

There are 8 billion tonnes of plastic on the planet but when you throw a piece away, there is no away. In a small step towards reusing what we already have, we’ve created the I Am A Plastic Bag collection. Each bag is made from an innovative new cotton canvas-feel fabric that’s created from 32 half litre recycled plastic bottles. The fabric is then coated with recycled windscreens. Each piece is designed to never be thrown away. Shop our full range of designer tote bags, handbags, purses and accessories.


Our Statement

Instead of doing a big launch event for London Fashion Week, we closed our London stores for three days and filled them with used plastic bottles as a showcase to connect people to the enormity of the problem of single use plastic going into landfill. It took over 90,000 plastic bottles to fill the stores, which had been collected by Anya Hindmarch employees from their local communities. This may sound like an astronomical number, but this is how many plastic bottles go into landfill every 8.5 minutes.

The Bottle-o-Meter


plastic bottles have gone to landfill in the UK while you’ve been on this page

How it’s done

It has taken two years of testing and research to create the I Am A Plastic Bag Collection, this is how it’s done.

Our Journey

It has taken over two years to develop the I Am A Plastic Bag collection, but the journey started over ten years ago when we launched the collection’s predecessor: I’m Not A Plastic Bag.

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We’re proud to have been awarded the Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury.

This is a symbol of trust earned by brands that have adopted sustainability as a business strategy.

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