Our much-loved Maud clutch is now available in two styles. The classic bespoke Maud that is favoured by celebrities and royalty and the new Bespoke Tassel Maud, with has slightly larger proportions and a new tassel clasp. Each one is made for the recipient with an embroidered monogram and hidden message embossed in your handwriting. We've also added a new Kama Sutra lining for a cheeky finish that's for the recipient's eyes only.

The Art of Craftsmanship

The pinnacle of craftsmanship, the Maud Collection is made in London using traditional techniques. The embroidery is created by Hand & Lock, who have been producing the world's finest embroidery since 1767.

Choose Your Style

The Maud comes in two styles: the classic Maud clutch and the slightly larger Tassel Maud clutch.

Choose the frame

Each Maud can be made with a gold or silver plated frame.

Choose the fabric

The Maud is made from luxurious satin and each style is available in a range of colours to suit both evening and wedding outfits.

Lead Times

Please note that it takes our craftsmen a while to create each bespoke piece and your Maud will take 4 weeks once bespoke options have been agreed and relevant templates received.